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Turbinado update

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Turbinado Logo For those of you interested in Turbinado, here’s a quick status update:

  • I separated the code for the website from the code for the framework.  The framework is here and the website code is here.
  • I’m going to finish up implementing HAML templating for Turbinado in the next few days.
  • After HAML templates are in, I’ll provide a tutorial on implementing a mini-CMS/wiki in Turbinado (the code is already in the website.  The standard-Rails-ish “look, Mom!  No code!” type of tutorial.  Just enough to convince you to download it, but not enough to get you to be significantly productive.  😉
  • Adam Stark is providing some greatly needed polish here as he attempts to get this beastie to build.  Turbinado really needs to be easier to build…
  • Diego Echeverri is doing some work to get Turbinado to work with GHC 6.10 here. I had a difficult time getting my HSP-ish View templates working with 6.10, so I hope Diego can do it. I’d greatly prefer to be working with 6.10, but I couldn’t get there…

Writing a little web framework turns out to be a lot of work (it’s all the little stuff (documentation!!) that really gets ya).  I’ve greatly appreciated the ability to build on the work of others (especially Niklas Broberg, Don Stewart, Bjorn Bringert and John Goerzen) and am grateful that others are providing help to this fledgling project.

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December 18th, 2008 at 2:13 pm

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  1. I hope you keep up the work on the documentation, I’d love to use HApps, but the docs are pretty much non-existent (and I didn’t find of the tutorials i saw all that useful, except for doublec’s cookbook one).

    Keep up the great work, can’t wait to try it out (i switched to 6.10…)



    20 Dec 08 at 2:15 am

  2. Axman6,
    Thanks for the kudos. Turbinado has been a great way to learn Haskell and seems like something the community could use. HApps seems like an impressive body of work, but never seemed like a straightforward framework for building a web app. Also, I’m a fan of relational databases, which seems at odds with HApps.

    I’m going to focus on getting a tutorial written, then will push forward to 6.10. The big problem with 6.10 (as Diego found out) is that hs-plugins no longer works… Need to move to ghc-api.



    20 Dec 08 at 2:18 pm

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