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SERPEngine : Charting SERP rankings

Taking a bit of a break from Haskell stuff for the moment. 1000 pardons.


Had a bit of spare time on my hands and had an observation that at Angie’s List we have a peon who’s job it is to do daily Google searches for key search terms and then record the rank of each term into a spreadsheet. It’s just as efficient and as career-enhancing as you imagine it might be.

Gotta be a better way to do it… we have machines for this, right?

So I pulled Rails and PostgreSQL out of the tool belt.  Started hacking.  Added a bit of OpenFlashChart.  Hacked a bit more.  et voila!

SERP Engine is pretty simple.  If you have a website, you’ve probably thought a bit about fighting for some natural search terms.  Throw those search terms into SERP Engine and chart your website’s SERP rank for those terms.

Sound useless?  It’s actually pretty cool.  Check out the results for:

Would love feedback.  alson at alsonkemp dot com.

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March 31st, 2009 at 10:13 pm

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