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Commentary: “RMS hates cloud computing; says you should too”

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See here for a much discussed article on how RMS has said he hates cloud computing.  I’m usually pretty on board with what RMS says (after I filter out the uber-geek-bias), but I’m on the fence about this issue.

My counter argument to RMS’s argument is: Damn!, but online services are just too handy to leave aside in order to maintain software development philosophical purity.  Would you give up online e-mail, social networks, etc?

Besides, I love having fewer applications installed on my computer.  I install and focus on the applications I really, really need and the other needs are served out there in the cloud.

RMS’s comment strikes me as purely academic with little consideration for What Really Works.  I hope that online e-mail doesn’t go away, but I’d love to know how to make it more GNUy.

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October 3rd, 2008 at 10:35 am

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